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How to choose the right tradie

Some parts of your renovation or project will legally need to be done by a licenced tradesperson. You cannot undertake specialty jobs such as your Plumbing, Air Conditioning or Electrical work.

Any specialty work done by a handyman could cause fire, flood, or electrocution. Any damage caused by unlicenced work may not be covered by your insurance company.

Points to remember about choosing a tradesperson:

  • Use someone local. They are generally more reliable and can get to you more quickly in emergency situations
  • Do a bit of research, use a tradesperson who has been referred to you by a friend and you have been able to view their work.
  • Always get 2 to 3 itemised quotes
  • Insist on sighting and take a copy of contractor’s licence, trades licence, and their Public liability and Workers compensation insurances. Any jobs over $12,000 must also be covered by the tradie’s home warranty insurance.
  • Further queries about tradespeople
  • If you suspect a dodgy tradesman/conman call national conman hotline   1300 133 408

The RCD Safety Switch

Countless lives are saved each year by having RCD's on your switchboard

  • An RCD or Safety Switch is designed to trip preventing electrocution when there is a leakage of current between Active and Earth conductors.
  • It can be clearly identified by the test button on the face marked with a "T".
  • Test RCD's twice yearly as part of your regular maintenance.
  • When checking for a faulty appliance, remember to turn off and unplug appliances before turning RCD back on.
  • Nuisance tripping may indicate a faulty RCD.

If in doubt always contact a licenced electrician to investigate the problem further.

Home Emergency Light

Emergency lighting is a part of every commercial and industrial fit out. If there is a blackout the battery backed lighting automatically engages giving enough light for at least two hours to move around and out of a building safely.

Australia being so prone to thunderstorms and having a reliance on airconditioners in summer we are also prone to many blackouts. Wouldn’t it be great if we could still continue with our everyday activities such as cooking, playing with kids, walking around the home without the hassel of looking for torches or candles?

Having an emergency light installed in the home helps to reduce the risk of fires from candles and falls down stairways.  They are very simple and quick to have installed. A Qualified Electrician can put one in in under an hour.

For further information have a chat to your electrician or local electrical wholesaler.